Wall Coating

Protect the walls of your home with our range of exterior wall coating. The application of our coatings provide a protective membrane, shielding your masonry from the elements and preventing damp whilst enabling your walls to breathe.

If you are tired of painting your walls, then our expert wall coating service is for you.

All wall coating is also available in a wide range of colours and finishes.

Is Wall Coating For You?

Wall coating is for you if your walls suffer from any of the following;

  • Cracked render

  • Penetrating damp

  • Flaking and blistering

  • Spalling brickwork

  • Mould and algae

  • Blown render or pebbledash

  • Eroding mortar or painting

  • Constant maintenance of discoloured paint

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Wall Coating Process Explained In Detail

All surfaces must be cleaned thoroughly by using our specialist high powered industrial jet washers. All traces of mould, grime and other contaminants are washed away, along with any existing delaminating paintwork. This will help to further identify any damaged brickwork, render, pebbledash, masonry etc. A fungicidal wash solution is then applied to ensure re-growth of any spores is prohibited in the years to come.